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Boys and girls will participate in the same four-class path in PPG's recreation class structure. Boys and girls will participate in separate classes utilizing all four events for girls and all six for boys.

BEGINNER — This class is for athletes ages 6 and up who have never participated in gymnastics or done minimal gymnastics before. Gymnasts will learn basic form, technique, and fundamental skills on each event while developing coordination, body awareness and balance.

ADVANCED BEGINNER — For athletes ages 6 and up who can demonstrate competency in Beginner skills. This class will allow the gymnast to build on the Beginner-level skills to prepare him or her for future recreation classes or toward our team track.

INTERMEDIATE — Girls or boys who have attained a majority of the skills taught in Advanced Beginner are eligible for the Intermediate class. The class emphasizes skill perfection and amplitude, performing combinations, and enhancing strength and balance.

ADVANCED — Athletes not wishing to participate in our gymnastics team program but have a desire to continue building more and more advanced skills are recommended for our advanced class.

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