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The following PPG athletes currently compete at Level 9 or Level 10 or at the Elite level and

would make an excellent addition to any college gymnastics team.



Junior Elite (5th Season)

Level 9 Artistic

Grade: 9th

School: Homeschool

Career Highs (Elite)

Trampoline: 87.03

Double Mini: 53.60
Tumbling: 53.60

Career Highs (Artistic)

Floor: 13.300

Pommel Horse: 11.700

Rings: 12.100

Vault: 13.100

Parallel Bars: 12.700

Horizontal Bar: 13.100

All-Around: 72.900

Competes on Trampoline:
Trif tuck
Double tuck
Full Barani Pike
Double Pike
Full Barani Tuck
Half Half Pike
Half Out Pike
Half Half Tuck
Half Out Tuck
Full Full Straight (13.2 DD)

Competes on Double Mini:
Trif Tuck/Triple tuck (9.6 DD)
Full Barani Straight/Straight Miller (8.6 DD)
Full Barani Pike/Triple Pike (8.7 DD)

Competes on Tumbling:|
Full Out Tuck/Full Full Straight (8.9 DD in US)
Full Out Straight/Full Full Tuck (8.9 DD in US)


World Champion
Double Mini (13-14)

World Bronze Medalist (15-16)

National Champion
Level 7 Trampoline
Level 7 Double Mini
Level 8 All-Around, Floor, Rings, Vault, High Bar (NGA)
Level 9 Double Mini
Level 9 Vault
Level 9 Parallel Bars, High Bar (NGA)
Youth Elite Synchro Tramp
Level 10 Tumbling

World Age Groups Qualifier

2021 — Double Mini (Alt.)
2022 — Double Mini, Trampoline (Alt.)
2023 — Double Mini, Tumbling

Regional Champion
Level 7, 9 Trampoline
Youth Elite Trampoline (2x)

Level 7, 9, 10 Double Mini
Youth Elite, Junior Elite Double Mini (3x)
Level 6, 8, 10, Jr. Elite Tumbling
Level 6 Floor
Level 6 Vault
Level 9 Floor
Level 9 Vault


State Champion
23x State Champion in T&T
Level 4 all six events and AA
Level 5 FX, SR, HB, AA

Level 6 FX, V (2x)
Level 7 FX, PB 
Xcel Gold in Acro

National Medalist
Elite (13-14) Synch. Tr. — 1st
Elite (11-12) Db. Mini — 2nd
Elite (13-14) Db. Mini — 2nd
Elite (11-12) Synch. Tr. — 3rd
Level 10 Tumbling — 1st
Level 10 Double Mini — 3rd
Level 9 Double Mini — 1st

Level 9 Tumbling — 5th

Level 8 Tumbl. — 2nd, 5th, 6th
Level 7 Double Mini — 1st
Level 7 Trampoline — 1st


bradyn acro.jpg

Level 9 Artistic
Level 8 Acrobatics (base)
Level 9 T&T

Grade: 12th

School: Homeschool



Four time Acro national qualifier

Level 8 trampoline/double mini

national qualifier

Level 7 Women's Pair state champion (2x)
Level 8 Women's Pair state champion
Level 8 state trampoline champ

Level 8 state dbl. mini champ




Level 10 (7 Seasons)

Grade: Graduated

School: Quinnipiac

Acro & Tumbling Scholarship

Career Highs (Lv. 10)

Vault: 9.200

Bars: 9.600

Beam: 9.575

Floor: 9.550

AA: 37.225


NGA National Champion

2x Regional Qualifier in Lv. 8

3x Regional Qualifier in Lv. 10

State Lv. 8 Acro Champion
Regional Qualifier in Acro

College Accomplishments

2023 NCATA — 3rd team
2023 NCATA sychro pyramid national qualifier

2022 NCATA — 3rd team
2022 NCATA sychro pyramid national qualifier

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