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The following PPG athletes currently compete at Level 9 or Level 10 or at the Elite level and

would make an excellent addition to any college gymnastics team.



Youth Elite (4th Season)

Level 9 Artistic

Grade: 8th

School: Homeschool

Career Highs (Elite)

Trampoline: 87.03

Double Mini: 53.60
Tumbling: 44:80

Career Highs (Artistic)

Floor: 13.300

Pommel Horse: 11.700

Rings: 12.100

Vault: 12.200

Parallel Bars: 12.300

Horizontal Bar: 13.100

All-Around: 72.900

Competes on Trampoline:
Full/barani pike
back double tuck
barani straight
1/2 in, 1/2 out pike
barani tuck
1/2 in, 1/2 out tuck
half out pike
double pike

half out tuck

back double straight (11.1 DD)

Trains on Trampoline:

Rudi out tuck
Triple back tuck
Triffus tuck

Competes on Double Mini:
full half straight/full full straight (8.4 DD)
full half pike/triple tuck (8.1 DD)

Trains on Double Mini:

Triffus tuck

Half Triffus


World Champion
Double Mini (13-14)

National Champion
Level 7 Trampoline
Level 7 Double Mini
Level 8 All-Around, Floor, Rings, Vault, High Bar (NGA)
Level 9 Double Mini
Level 9 Parallel Bars, High Bar (NGA)
Youth Elite Synchro Tramp
Level 10 Tumbling

World Age Groups Qualifier

2021 — Double Mini (Alt.)
2022 — Double Mini, Trampoline (Alt.)

Regional Champion
Level 7, 9 Trampoline
Youth Elite Trampoline (2x)

Level 7, 9, 10 Double Mini
Youth Elite Double Mini (3x)
Level 6, 8, 10 Tumbling
Level 6 Floor
Level 6 Vault
Level 9 Floor
Level 9 Vault


State Champion
19x State Champion in T&T
Level 4 all six events and AA
Level 5 FX, SR, HB, AA

Level 6 FX, V (2x)
Level 7 FX, PB 
Xcel Gold in Acro

National Medalist
Elite (13-14) Synch. Tr. — 1st
Elite (11-12) Db. Mini — 2nd
Elite (13-14) Db. Mini — 2nd
Elite (11-12) Synch. Tr. — 3rd
Level 10 Tumbling — 1st
Level 10 Double Mini — 3rd
Level 9 Double Mini — 1st

Level 9 Tumbling — 5th

Level 8 Tumbl. — 2nd, 5th, 6th
Level 7 Double Mini — 1st
Level 7 Trampoline — 1st


bradyn acro.jpg

Level 9 Artistic
Level 8 Acrobatics (base)
Level 9 T&T

Grade: 11th

School: Homeschool

(pictured at right)


Three time Acro national qualifier

Level 8 trampoline/double mini

national qualifier

Level 7 Women's Pair state champion (2x)
Level 8 Women's Pair state champion
Level 8 state trampoline champ

Level 8 state dbl. mini champ




Level 10 (7 Seasons)

Grade: Graduated

School: Quinnipiac

Acro & Tumbling Scholarship

Career Highs (Lv. 10)

Vault: 9.200

Bars: 9.600

Beam: 9.575

Floor: 9.550

AA: 37.225


NGA National Champion

2x Regional Qualifier in Lv. 8

3x Regional Qualifier in Lv. 10

State Lv. 8 Acro Champion
Regional Qualifier in Acro

College Accomplishments

2022 NCATA — 3rd team
2022 NCATA sychro pyramid national qualifier

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