Panhandle Perfection Gymnastics competes in the National Gymnastics Association program. Girls' gymnasts can compete in the compulsory levels, Levels 1-5, and may progress to the optional levels, Level 6-10. Gymnasts will progress through the levels in a safe, positive and proper manner. PPG gymnasts will compete in regular season competitions, state, regionals and nationals and have won multiple national titles. Girls in the program also have the opportunity to participate in TOPs, HOPES and elite gymnastics.



Boys in PPG's competitive team develop incredible strength and dexterity for competitive gymnastics or even for other sports. PPG competes in compulsory levels, 4-7, and in optional levels, 8-10, in USA Gymnastics' Men's Developmental Program and the NGA program. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete at local meets, state, regionals and nationals. Despite having a small team, PPG's team members have won multiple state and national titles.



PPG gymnasts have the opportunity to train in trampoline and tumbling equipment and compete in USA Gymnastics competitions. T&T is unique in that athletes may compete different levels on each event. PPG will compete Levels 4-7 in compulsory and 8-elite in the optional levels and will compete at local meets, state, regionals and nationals. PPG athletes have won three national T&T titles and have been named to Team USA for the World Age Group Championships.

In 2019, PPG was the only gym in Florida in any discipline (men's artistic, women's artistic, T&T, acro, rhythmic) to have elite-level athletes win more than one medal at a USA Gymnastics-sanctioned national championship event.



In 2019, PPG started an Acrobatic Gymnastics team. Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music. Teams compete in pairs (women, men and mixed pairs), trios (women's group) or a foursome (men's group). Routines consist of skills which focus on balance or dynamic (lifts, throws and tumbling).

PPG has had three state champion pairs, thee regional qualifiers and two national championships qualifying pair.